Ball Game

This is an extremely early alpha of a simple game that is just a ball on a platform. It may become for complex in the future but for now, it's just a ball, a platform and 3 coins. To transition from level to level you must collect all the coins make it to the end with the red particles/smoke.

Patch notes

Alpha version 0.05
  • Added backgrounds (Thanks Andreas)
  • Fixed the GUI scaling
  • Fixed some general project bugs
Alpha version 0.04
  • Added credits
  • Added level select
  • Pressing ESC brings you to main menu
  • Adjusted GUI
  • Changed Hidden Coin GUI
Alpha version 0.03
  • Start Menu added
  • Level 3 & 4 added
  • Hidden coins added
  • Hidden Coin GUI added
  • Finish/End zone added
  • Level Loop changed
Alpha version 0.002
  • 2nd level completed
  • Loop from 2nd level to 1st level added
Alpha version 0.001
  • First level completed
  • Second level started